My name is Sebastien - but nobody calls me that way except when I did something wrong. Seb is OK. I'm a French Paris based Designer and Senior Art Director living in the countryside around Tours. I strongly believe that design and storytelling make a powerful medium to enhance Marketing and Communication plans.

Outside of work I find inspiration through coaching a young male basketball team and traveling with my wife and my two boys. My curiosity for life drives me to experience a lot and document all that it has to offer. I really don’t see a thick line between work and having fun.

Last thing you have to know: my last name is Neil. Like Neil Armstrong or Neil Young. In english, it's not a big deal. But if you want to pronounce it in french, you have to say Neil [nεj] like Soleil, c'est pareil. Not kidding with this point.


I know, nothing comes easily without work. But, I'd rather work smart than work hard. I always try to see what I can do to go straight to the point thinking first. But I always welcome the doubt of searching and making. If I work smarter than hard, it gives me more time to celebrate achievements with my clients.


I 'm talented to listen, to understand and to put myself in somebody's shoes. It means I have the ability to see the world through my clients eyes. It isn't about process, it's about human skills. It makes the way easier and shorter to provide a new vision.


Curiosity is a virtue and it's fuel for creativity. The more I learn, the more I use relevantly in my design process. To offer creative solutions to complex marketing issues through concepts, I have to read a lot, stay informed and listening to trends.


People don't need just tasteless information. They want to see what they can do with a product, what kind of good times they will have using a service. We all grew up with stories because stories have strong power: it make us dream. Crafting good stories with clients make us feel like magicians.


I love my job and work but life isn’t all about work. I do design with passion but I also live passionately my husband/father life and there's nothing like a summer spent travelling somewhere I've never been before. Wait… maybe a buzzer beater shot is better.


Connecting things to make something original is creativity. It's also thinking outside the box to make singularity happens but always keeping the message clear for customers. Finally, the 'Big Spin Heel Flip Front 360' trick isn't that special!


Makes the goal clear that formulate a roadmap. Time to collect raw materials to fuel creative thinking.

Telling the story, playing with words, drawing, whiteboarding, wireframing, sprints… Getting The Idea.

Where the discovery and concept phases begin to form functional and aesthetically pleasing designs and solutions. My secret weapon: typography!

'Masterpiece' is snooty? OK, let's say that the message is clear, the concept is inventive and goal appears possible to achieve. Project's ready for takeoff!


Because you know how important is a good identity and bright design for your business.
Because you've noted my experience.
Because you're undoubtedly brilliant.
Because you also like humor while working.

Sorry? What? Oh you're wondering why a french designer makes a website in english?
Well, I have Irish roots and France has 67 millions people while the UK has the same! See? I just multiplied my clients by 2!

Oh you're mischievous! You say I forgot the 10 millions French speaking Canadian people and the 120 millions of africans as well. What do you do of the US, the Toronto Raptors fans, the Australians, New Zealand people? It's almost one billion people speaking english.

Let's add this up: almost 300 millions French speaking people + 360 millions English speaking people (mother tongue) + about 1 billion English learners people = 1.66 billion customers!  Think about it: if you read this text, it means we both have internet connection and our playground is the world. Let's work together.

No, not with you Ricardo. You speak Spanish. You suck.


Web Design
Typography Design
Art Direction
Design Systems
Community management
E-commerce design


  • Freelance Designer & Teacher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Senior Art Director & Motion Designer at JSG Tech
  • Owner, Art Director & Designer at Studio Panamàtana
  • Designer at Doc Design
  • Art Director at Amundi
  • Creative in advertising agency
  • Roughman & Junior Art Director in advertising agency


Adobe Creative Cloud:
After Effects
Premiere Pro
Webflow (newly)
Cinema 4D (beginner)


  • Basketball
    33 years as a player, 3rd season as coach
  • Volunteer
    Elected member of executive board in basket-ball club
    3x3 tournament creator & event planner
  • Nature & Traveling
  • Fine Arts
  • Street Art
  • Engraved books of the French XIXth century
    but I don't tell it too loud because it's just a nerd's stuff