My design mission

I make people

live stories

remark brands

catch concepts

enjoy experiences

and I love it!


I newly describe myself as a full stack designer: I help businesses with everything from strategy, branding, design, and social. I’ve collaborated with top teams working across a bunch of B2C & B2B industries in France and worldwide - like in Hong Kong where I've won an award.


There're obviously a lot of advertising agencies but some of my clients don't have time and money for a consulting. It doesn't mean they don't need a good strategy to achieve their goals. I'm talented to think, solve problems and write. 3 skills that allow me to work on the step just before design.


As a teacher in design school and business school, I'm a speaker (Master Class, Sharing Week…). I also speak on symposiums or fair and trade shows. My favorite subjects are typography, design process and creativity. And if somebody is ready to talk about basketball, let's go for it!


I'm a freelancer but I'm not alone. With very talented professionals, we've created a "cluster" made of designers, photographers, motion designers, 3D artists, illustrators, full stack devs, copy writers, product designers and a beer brewer.

Before e-mail me to launch an exciting project, have a look at my featured projects: